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Anjie, her husband, and their infant daughter moved to Glasgow from San Francisco in 2013. California Girl Embroidery was born as a way to connect with other new Mums and bring a ray of California’s sunshine back into her life. Since beginning her embroidery business, Anjie has expanded to include sign, decal, and t-shirt vinyl designs.

Anjie loves working with bright colours and soft, squishy fabrics! She enjoys sparkles and glitter, but her absolute favourite projects are the ones that are special to you! Making a client’s vision become a reality brings her great joy and fulfillment.

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After I was made redundant from a job in a book shop I decided to try and turn a long standing hobby into a more serious ‘job’! I came up with the name and logo pretty quickly, and had a friend realise the concept for me. I was always re-using old jewellery so I decided that I would continue to do so, and use mostly recycled components. This involves fun days out wandering around charity shops with friends, searching beaches for pottery and glass or being given old and broken jewellery to use. I try and reuse or recycle as much as possible and many of the items I create are totally unique, one off pieces. After focusing mostly on jewellery I have started expanding out into greetings cards, fridge magnets and hopefully soon, small bags and purses.

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I love to draw and my shop is full of fun retro styled cards, mirrors, stickers and badges that feature my quirky illustrations. I am obsessed with old movies, vintage kitsch and retro toys, many of which are featured in my work. I trained as a broadcast designer at university and I currently work full time as a television designer at the BBC. I was born in East London, grew up mostly in Kent and now live in Glasgow with my boyfriend, our small daughter and 2 fat cats.

I am directly descended from the London Turner-Soane family which means that I am lucky enough to count the painter J.M. William Turner and architect Sir John Soane as my great grandads seven generations back, which may explain why I’m much better at drawing buildings than people!!.

 I have two Etsy shops, a vintage store and one for my illustrated products.

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My name is Marisa and I am the creator and founder of The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company. I received a Bachelor of Arts in drawing from Providence College in Rhode Island.  In 2012, while graduating, I created my paper store and Etsy shop The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company and fell in love with the process of making cards. I now live and work across the pond from my studio in Glasgow, Scotland where I have a cool cat Willow and mascot Bee-O who help me send out cards on the day to day.

The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company is  very special. It started as a way to remember the crazy things my friends said, to tackle the oddity of being in your twenties, and to document the incredible amount of animals shows I was watching every Saturday. The Fuzzy Bee is a record of my life and sometimes sass that made its way onto a greeting card.

 I have always believed that cards and the written word are ten times better than email and modern technology. Nothing can beat opening your mailbox and seeing your name on the envelope. It is this excitement that I hope my shop can bring to everyone.  The Fuzzy Bee cards are for very occasion. I am a big believer that a card should be an everyday experience and not just an obligation. Sometimes a card just means, “this reminded me of you!” and that is what the Fuzzy Bee line is all about.

All my cards and illustrations are hand drawn using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. They are also printed in house and shipped out to you in complete perfection.


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